Bevan Cullinan directs all kinds of funny films in any language for cool humans.

Director, Film-maker & Funny Guy

Bevan Cullinan is an award-winning Commercial Director and Film-maker based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a funny guy and is known for his ability to shoot comedy and performance dialogue. He understands the demands of shooting multi format content for all platforms and is totally woke!

He started out as a well-known stand-up comedian in South Africa and completed his Honours in physical comedy at Rhodes University. He is a very funny human who creates fun working environments to shoot in. His ability to extract comedy is on another level and he understands exactly how to work with any level training talent. He has been known to jump in front of the camera as well and can be seen in the Garynet commercial on his Comedy Reel.

He has made over 300 commercials in the last 18 years. He can shoot performance in any language in any country because of his physically-based approach to comedic characters. He knows the secret formula to making your idea funny, but you’ll have to contact him to find out how he does it!

Bevan Cullinan Comedy Director



Bevan is renowned for his skill in creating comedic content. As a former stand-up comedian and sketch comedy performer, he is able to adapt scripts in such a way that retains the strategic intent and messaging of the piece while generating humour. His experience in directing comedic material enables him to create comedic characters that are instantly beloved by audiences.


Bevan is skilled in directing dialogue. He prides himself on being able to pull a performance out of anything with a pulse (even animals and children). On his sets there is no waiting around for an actor to get a performance right. Bevan directs with the client’s needs in mind, making it easy for him to translate and demonstrate the requirement to an actor instantly.

Music Videos

Bevan shoots music videos of bands that are so underground you probably haven’t even heard of them. Who doesn’t like shooting music videos? So don’t be shy, give him a shout. He’s always looking for new projects to distract him from the corporate humans.

Everyday Ads

Everyday ads are hard working assets that aim to drive sales for clients. Most of the time you don’t see them on Show Reels but Bevan believes they are a hallmark of good directing. If your ad can’t move products or services then it’s not doing the things.